keep on keepin on

lately i’ve been doing a lot of exhaling.

Lent is coming up and everyone is asking what i’m taking up or giving up, and i hadn’t known until last night. I prodded my brain to see what i do too much of. I don’t have an abundance of clothes or fancy things, and i don’t spend too much money (though i suppose you can always spend less).

I found I don’t waste much, and i rarely consume more than my fair share of anything. I can easily live without TV, Facebook, or an iPhone (i have a samsung smooth, so no worries there), and i don’t need to lose weight (total lie). so i kept thinking, “why don’t i have any time for my friends, why don’t have have any time for fellowship with God?” Then, it came to me.

I work too much. (cue the rest of the world yelling ‘duh, dan’)

I have been at my office every weekday until at the earliest 2am for the past six months, i’d say. In that time i’ve produced an incredible amount of work, but i have also lost what semblance of abs i had (har har) and i’ve become what i would say is “addicted” to producing. I’ve had a to-do list since about november, and it just keeps getting longer.

For lent I’m going to start saying “no.”


No new work for 40 days while i clean up my to-do list. I’ve got a few things that will keep me working like a dog, but with an end in sight, i’ll be able to start doing things with people (yeah, people!). Also, i’ll have more time for art, which has been on the back burner for quite some time. So, by saying “no” more often, i’ll be able to do more work i love. Crazy concept to mr. dan garza.

Have a good Lent season (if that’s what you do).


keep on keepin ondan

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  1. Rachel Ridings on

    I wish I had your illustration steez.

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